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Directed and conceived by Melanie Martinez Cinematography by Josh McKie Executive producers: Wes Teshome & Daniel Livschutz Producer: Mat Hollis Production company: Vilas Entertainment Art Department by Holly Trotta Lighting by Freddy Cintron Sound design by Michael Keenan Hair by William Scott Blair Wardrobe design by Melanie Martinez; pieces made by Stella Rose Saint Clair Additional styling by Stella Rose Saint Clair Edited by Melanie Martinez and Tony Corella VFX by Gloria FX Color by Bryant Jansen

Mother: Stella Rose Saint Clair Boy: Ian Volandt

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現在の版2016年3月23日 (水) 22:412016年3月23日 (水) 22:41時点における版のサムネイル480 × 269 (12キロバイト)Infront (ウォール | 投稿記録)動画を作成しました